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Room for the new

Every city in the Netherlands has its own hotspot, a place where it happens. Where it grows, where it sings. Where real space is being made for renewal.

Space for new ideas, a new era, a new look at housing, new ways of working, new encounters, new economic impulses. Throughout the Netherlands, a network unfolds, where the new gets space to blossom, where the pleasant unexpected can still happen ... Room for the new. oVVice.



The oVVice properties have by definition "new life": at the time of purchase, they’d lost their original function, so they were empty and were therefore at the end of their first life cycle.

Through a thorough redevelopment, these properties are placed in our new era. Numerous functions are added and "sharing" becomes the norm. Sharing of not only the various new spaces but also of coffee, lunch and above all energy.



The use of the social heart, including meeting and lounge rooms of every oVVice location is free for our members based on a fair-use policy.

In addition, you may also use the social hearts of all the locations of our sister AtoomClub


We offer organizations and self-employed a unique and inspiring environment to work and meet

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