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The oVVice properties have by definition "new life": at the time of purchase, they’d lost their original function, so they were empty and were therefore at the end of their first life cycle. Through a thorough redevelopment, these properties are placed in our new era. Numerous functions are added and "sharing" becomes the norm. Sharing of not only the various new spaces but also of coffee, lunch and above all energy.

In addition to this first "green" basic idea, oVVice also enhances sustainability in a technical sense. Light and climate installations are all being updated. This happens partly during the redevelopment, and installation that aren’t yet at the end of their technical and/or economical lifecycle will be updated at a later moment in time.

A third dimension in which the sustainability idea comes back is formed by the nature of a part of the new functions. This includes items such as showers, bicycle parking, easy moveable layouts, outdoor places and smart layouts that stimulate motion.

Support for a permanent and flexible attitude of both man and organization

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making room to let idea’s happen.

Scott Belsky